Friday, October 11, 2013

When you are buying makeup products, usually you will pay more attention to the label of the make up. You will find the one that can help you skin smooth, free of acne or even reduce the signs of aging on your face. However, actually the most important thing you should take a look is the ingredient. you may not realize that the beauty products you are using are harmful because sometime the products will show the risk after a long run.  This is why you need to know some dangerous ingredients to help you know whether or not the products you are using safe or not. You don't have to have a good chemistry background just to know the harmful ingredients. So, when you want to buy a beauty product, look at the label of ingredients and find out whether these harmful ingredients below are included.

Some Dangerous Ingredients - Make Up Products


In cosmetics, parabens are used to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, they are controversial they are also found in breast cancer and tumors. Also, they have been shown to contribute increasing skin aging and DNA damage. So, if your cosmetics contain parabens, you can consider whether to use it again or not.


When creating solution in cosmetics, usually phthalates are used as a solvent that help other agents dissolve better. However, this ingredient is also known to cause reproductive and developmental toxicity which in turn lead to detrimental health issues like cancer.


Triclosan is mostly found in soap or cleanser that is used to kill bacteria on skin because it is an actibacterial agent. As an antibacterial agent, it is suspected of interfering with hormone function. Also, it increases incidence of allergies. It can interfere with aquatic life since it doesn't degrade easily. This may also contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Propylene glycol or antifreeze

propylene glycol that is used in cosmetic acta as a detergent, solvent, wetting agent, foaming agent and conditioning agent. Repeat action of this ingredient can cause skin irritation, nausea, headaches and more.

Mineral oil (petroleum)

Mineral oil or also called petroleum is used as a moisturizing agent that lock moisture against skin. Also, this is part of the formulation for perfume in cosmetics. Mineral oil is a byproduct of the distilation of gasoline from crude oil. It is the leftover liquid and it is so abundant. So, it is more expensive to dispose it than purchase. This ingredient is also has been known to clog pores and decrease lung function. These lead to pneumonia. It also carries a bad impact to the environment since it is a petrochemical, non renewable source.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Smoky eyes have been a big trend in eye makeup that many women wear. This eye makeup trend can make your eyes fabulous with the smoky look of the eyeliner. However, creating perfect smoky eyes is something you have to learn because leaving one step will not make the smoky look perfectly created. The key is a proper blending. Make sure that colors are blended flawlessly by pairing light colors with rich dark colors. You can make a nice mixture of soft gold base with deep purple on top or champagne base with bright blue and peach base green hue.

Applying Beautiful Smoky Eyes- How to Get Smoky Eyes

Prep the lid

Make sure that your eye lid is oil free to keep the eye shadow from melting into your eyelid crease. You can start it by applying it base or primer, then swipe it simply across the eye and let it dry before continuing the next step.

Apply the eyeliner

If you want to create black, brown or gray smoky eye, you can apply eyeliner in one of those colors above the upper lash line in a line thicker in the middle of eye. If you want to create a jewel-toned eye, line the eyes with a purple, blue or deep green liner.

Blend in color on the bottom lashes

For the bottom lashes, where the smoky eye look, don’t use an eyeliner pencil because they are easier to smudge. Draw a line, and then run your finger over to smudge it. Applying a bit of shadow will allow you to get a full smudge effect.

Apply a light base color

Pairing lighter base with darker hue is the key to make great smoky eyes. You can use a nice cream for the base, and then sweep a light and shimmery shadow over the lids up to your brow bone.

Blend in darker color

Since the base has been applied, now you can get the smoky effect. Use a darker eye shadow and blend in color with an eye shadow brush starting at your lash line. Ensure to blend the color to the lash line so that the eye liner disappears, but stop it at crease.

Finish with mascara

Check your work and make sure that the eyes match and blend color with a Q-tip if necessary. After that, finish it with several coats of mascara to make your lashes thick and dark. You can also curl your lashes with a lash curler if you don’t have naturally long and curled lashes.